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Jazzwise Also in Miles Ahead Don Cheadle plays a Bach Stradivarius at a time when Miles was only playing Martin Committees #milesdavis #milesahead
Jazzwise Miles Ahead movie apparently has flashback where Davis/Cheadle plays a Monette trumpet 25 years before Dave Monette started making trumpets
Jazzwise RT @guardianmusic: UK vinyl boom sends prices spinning into 'premium' territory
Jazzwise Fancy playing @ManJazzFest 2016? Artists' submissions now open full criteria and applications online at #mjf2016
Jazzwise Goldsmiths is seeking London-based music aficionados for music engagement study, if interested, take our 5min survey
Jazzwise Michael Janisch’s Paradigm Shift hit the high gears at The @verdictjazz @WhirlwindRecord

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