Dave O'Higgins - Saxophone

“I started out listening to my sister’s Elvis Presley records,” says O’Higgins. “Then at school, when I had the opportunity to learn an instrument, I decided that I wanted to play the loudest instrument there was, so I borrowed the school trumpet and had a go on that. I remember it used to smell horrible when I got it out of the case.” 

Harry Brown - Trombone

“My musical background stems from the church”, says Brown. “Mum was the choir director and church organist for many years and taught me general music theory, the Hammond organ, piano and encouraged me to learn the guitar too – which I also played at church. I am currently the church organist.”

Abram Wilson - Trumpet

“Good teachers are so important to your natural development,” says Wilson, as he recalls a memorable moment of musical inspiration. “My first teacher, Lester Wright, was a crazy kind of individual, but he had really creative ways of teaching. I remember he pulled out this boiled egg, set it down and said ‘now this is a whole note – it has four beats’. Then he attached a pencil to it and called that a half note and then coloured the egg and called it a quarter note. That visual representation of a note kind of keeps it in your mind.”

Sebastiaan De Krom - Drums

“I started on one of those extraordinary Trixon kits,” says de Krom, “and I’ve still got it. They have real hide heads, so they are great to play in winter, but in summer…!”  De Krom’s early years were spent mid-way between Utrecht and Arnheim. “My father was a very good amateur drummer, today he’d probably be termed a ‘semi-pro’, and I guess I learned about 90 per cent of what I know from him.”

Mike Outram - Guitar

“Well, dad played guitar,” says Outram. “He was left handed and I used to pick up his guitar in secret and play it upside down. I figured everything out by ear. Eventually of course, he discovered I was playing his guitar and so then he bought me one.”

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