Simcock Unveils Dazzling New Trio


Pianist Gwilym Simcock unveiled a new ‘European’ trio last night at the Vortex in London. Accompanied by Italian-based Russian bassist Yuri Goloubev and upcoming UK drummer James Maddren, Simcock led the group through an energetic two-hour set in front of a full house at the popular jazz club. The first piece was made up of three compositions ‘Suite For Music,’ ‘Message,’ and, ‘Too Close To Call’ and set the tone for the rest of the performance in terms of the way the music built in intensity before reaching its climax and slowly quietening again.

The set included several new pieces that Simcock confessed had only been briefly rehearsed. If this was the case it was hard to tell – the staccato rhythm of ‘Spring Step’ displayed how all three members were capable of delivering impressively intricate solos while the experimental-funk of ‘Hard Times’ (written especially for the performance) demonstrated just how tight the trio were.

Review: Ben Mulholland