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ALPHASAX-WORLDWIND-MUSICThis is one that will interest the teachers among you. Worldwind music – aka Trevor James, realised there was a niche market for youngsters who wanted to play the Saxophone, but were disappointed when they were handed a clarinet – because their hands were too small and the standard alto sax weighs way too heavy on their small shoulders.

Based on the best selling Trevor James ‘Horn’, Worldwind have developed a simplified, full sized, Eb instrument (top D to bottom C) that weighs 33 per cent less than it’s standard counterpart and yet sounds and plays like the highly regarded ‘Horn’. Solidly built, the Alphasax has a full bodied tone and our sample had good articulation and intonation and an excellent set-up on the simple and straightforward key action. However, we did find some difficulty in rolling between the low C and Eb – why has the C key been moved (I think awkwardly) from its normal position? And also, the octave key seems a tad too far over to the right – those little hands are really going to have to stretch! Having said that, this is an excellent ‘starter’ instrument that will comfortably take young players up to Grade 2. But it has to be said that they will be in for a rude awakening when they progress on to the real deal. Following the lightweight theme, Worldwind have packed the Alphasax in a zippered, plush lined, shaped semi-hard lightweight case (the whole kit is an incredible 46 per cent lighter than a standard Alto in a normal hard case), which comes with a front zippered pocket, grab handle and back harness.

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