Jupiter JAS-969GL Alto Saxophone


JUPITER-JAS-969GL-ALTO-SAXOPHONEWell known for producing brass and woodwind instruments for the schools and student market, Jupiter’s recent entry into the semi-pro and pro market has raised a few eyebrows and no small amount of interest. Code-named the 900 series, we sampled the alto in gold lacquer. It’s a striking-looking horn with the sort of finish and build quality that you might expect from a company that has had such a long standing association with this section of the market. The JAS 969 “feels” very similar to a Yamaha and we found the configurations of the harmonics similar to that of a Yamaha, as is the front “f” key. It’s a very responsive horn and has a very positive action, particularly in the bottom register. The keywork is good with excellent intonation and articulation and I really liked the octave key action. Soundwise the JAS 969 has an edgy and, in places, almost raw tone and there is very little depth and seemingly no real character. I couldn’t find any true power in the upper register even though I did try and I felt I was looking for something that really wasn’t there and eventually concluded that for all its excellent build qualities, this is a bulk standard instrument that just does not have that extra je ne sais quoi . The JAS 969 comes in it’s very own custom made, zippered semi-hard shell case with a nylon denier cover, leather handles to the side and end, and “D” rings for a non-slip shoulder strap. There is a very useful large expandable pocket to the lower front face that holds another smaller pocket and a multi-pen pouch however, the magnetic stud contact on the leatherette flap proved to be an ineffective seal. To the back of the case is an adjustable harness and a pouch that includes a nylon rain cover which works.

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