LogJam Logarhythm percussion

This extraordinary little hollow box brings a whole new meaning to the fabled art of foot tapping – and it’s made in the UK! What looks like a chunk cut out of a wooden kitchen worktop, but is in fact a piece of quality Sapele, has a non-slip rubber base and a 1/4 inch jack socket screwed into one end. Inside is a dynamic mic capsule that picks up the sound of anything striking the wooden surface, whether it be on the top or on the end. Placed on the floor, we found that it was possible to not only get subtle variations in pitch across the top surface, but also to get different tonal effects depending on which part of the box you were tapping. Changing from rubber soles to leather soles also made a difference to the quality of the sound – we didn’t try wooden clogs...!

Having used the Logarhythm the way it was intended, we decided that there was no reason why it couldn’t be played with hands, fingers, or for that matter sticks and brushes. This threw up all sorts of interesting sonic possibilities, not least of which was the lower pitch that can be found on the end panel (not of course possible when using your feet). The Logarhythm is probably the most basic instrument that we have ever had on the test bench, but it is also one of the most versatile. Upright bassists might want to use it as a rhythmic device to embellish solos or generally kick out a beat. While drummers could potentially use it as a piece of “table top” percussion alongside a kit, or alternatively in an acoustic setting when a kit is neither practical nor required. LogJam also produce a couple of useful accessories in the shape of the Heel ’n’ Toe and the Wedge – the possibilities are endless.

For more go to www.log-jam.co.uk

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